Work With a Passionate Charlotte, NC Trainer

Work With a Passionate Charlotte, NC Trainer

Get the motivation you need to see better results

Joey Kneisl, owner and founder of Joey Kneisl Training, is living proof that an adverse background can produce positive results. That’s what led him to his passion for fitness. Kneisl created the company after receiving encouragement from his own mentors, and has been dedicated to mentoring others in the Charlotte area ever since. An avid sports fanatic, he has turned his love of sports training into a training program that others can enjoy.

He’ll personally help you discover your fitness niche, and show you how you can enjoy working out. See what Kneisl can do for you. Get started by contacting Joey Kneisl Training of Charlotte.

Worried a personal health coach might not be in your budget? Charlotte, North Carolina’s Joey Kneisl Training makes it easy to get the training you want without breaking the bank. We offer a variety of fitness training packages that will give your schedule and wallet the flexibility they need. Consider purchasing one of our packages to:

  • Get a single one-hour fitness training session for $45 a session
  • Get five one-hour sessions for $40 a session
  • Get 10 one-hour sessions for $35 a session

Your first class is always free so you can be sure you want to move forward with a training package. Call Joey Kneisl Training to learn more!